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Violent, mentally ill inmates shown graphic violence and sex

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  1. We’ve come a long way (or have we?) from the days where our family members with a ‘mental disorder’ were kept in a back upstairs bedroom, out of sight & never acknowledged outside the home. How exuberent & superior we felt once “it was out of the closet” & finaly recognized as a bona fide illness that could be treated! It was quite a relief for those ‘other’ families that were burdened. We still have trouble accepting that our own could be afflected, we have staffed the asylum with inmates that release many far from cured to roam the streets homeless, or..(snicker, snicker can’t resist)..get elected to Congress.. AND we have found a marvelous excuse to justify otherwise unacceptble behaviour. WOW what progress!!! We talk, talk & talk, but I strongly suggest that we cannot talk this issue to death…This article is an explanation point on the issue…while there is no single answer, I firmly believe that examples we are exposed to do have an influnce on the behavourial outcome. The information hiway need to run both ways & kept maintained.