Rejected ad shows Detroit’s religious hypocrisy

By | January 30, 2013

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One thought on “Rejected ad shows Detroit’s religious hypocrisy

  1. Jan Brown

    Kudos Pam Gellar!!! You go girl!!! Through out the ages Christians have been persecuted. However, this is the only country thatI know of that has the RIGHT of our First Amendment. It does not say ‘freedom of religion,,unless..another religion needs Christians as doormats to propagte their own….Throw political correctness in the trash NOW, there’s no room for it IF we are to remain the American States given to us by our founing fathers. IF living in a Christian Nation is more than you can handle,,,leave. Respect will be given if it is in turn received.

    This isn’t Gellars first stand, don’t let her stand alone

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