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3 thoughts on “February 8, 2013: Million Man March for the 2nd Amendment

  1. terrfisherman

    The Progressives are coming at us well organized, funded and brainwashed to the teeth . Get fired up patriots , lets show them our numbers and resolve.

  2. io

    Please heed the warning.. bring lots of video cameras and keep them rolling. Bring cameras to every location. Record EVERYTHING. There are those will try to set you up for a fall. Do not fall for it. Do not give in. Keep cameras rolling.

  3. Petition

    ● Pledge not to use an Executive Order to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding Citizens.
    ● This is a petition to prevent the Obama Administration from issuing Executive Orders restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

    ● Share this link & Get over there & sign it!

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