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3 thoughts on “What I Find Offensive — Socialism

  1. Jan Brown

    “Racism” ia an insideious monster inflicted on society & in like manner of the other ‘isms’ with it’s primary prey being the ignorant, uneducated, unaware & the yet innocent. It is the primary tool of those wishing to manipulate & propogate the agenda of a ‘select few’. It instills a fleeting moment of surperiority in the unsuspecting through ‘entitlements’ & false phrase. It propagates hate, division of families & communities, It inhibits or halts any individual thinking that does not parrot the ‘mother message’. These ‘isms’ cast stones that pave the return route to slavery of mind, body & soul…..They just ain’t no good….And a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all (there I said it)

      1. Jan Brown

        Can’t believe we’re the only 2 casting PC’s overboard as vocal as ‘our’ bunch is. even ____ hasn’t jumped in. This post is another fine piece of work..Probably out “holiday’ shopping..

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