The Necrobamacon

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  • NJ Libertarian (@BadMesmer)

    Good read! Now you need to do one about how all the guns in the world are possessed and how no armed conflict involving guns was a human’s fault because if there were no guns everything would be rainbows and glitter.

    • This is kind of well-covered satirical territory, but I’ll ponder it. After I smoke a few “cloves.” (And by cloves, I mean something else… shhh).

      • So glad you clarified that, because cloves are for ham & besides they poke holes in the papers

  • tsk tsk, Kyle. I pray for your recovery…I fear that you’ve hung around the cauldron of liberalizm so long that the fumes are starting to effect you just a tad….We have clean air & padded cell (I mean, rooms) in Texas should you need it…lol..this was an excellent respite…thanks, Yank!
    (wonder how many think we’re smoking?) Nah ,just enjoying good company