Facing Our Fate with Stoicism and Courage in the Midst of Our Grief

By | December 17, 2012

Whatever happened to staring down your fate with stoicism and courage, accepting what may be?

As I write this I reflect once again about the senseless shooting in Connecticut where over 20 people died, many of them young school children, at the hands of a troubled young man.

Already there is talk in political circles about changing the gun laws again, making it so that specific types of weapons and ammo are hard if not impossible to get.

I agree with many of my colleagues here at CDN. The presence of a gun is not the problem. It is not even the public schools with their wholehearted embrace of humanism. Even with humanism, the parents embrace their kids. No, I think it is time to recognize that evil does exist and will prey upon the weak mind in order to get its way.

We’ve abandoned any belief that there is a real Devil who is trying to lead us astray, but there is. One-Third of all heaven followed that demon to the Earth after the expulsion. Ever since the Devil and his followers have been tormenting us non-stop; filling us with lies and half truths. Institutions are filled with his victims.

Only the embrace of a higher power will free us from evil, and then evil will still be around, waiting in the wings. Until the final judgment, evil will be with us. We just have to suffer through.

In the meantime, we have to think and act in a fashion that the Lord would approve, doing as he would have us do, to love one another as he loved us. If we do that, the world will be a better place, marred only by the sudden and occasional outbreak of evil and grief.

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