Voter Fraud Investigation: Democrat-Run Cemetery Listed As Return Address

By | November 20, 2012

WOAI in San Antonio, Texas investigates voter fraud allegations where the return address of mail-in ballots are a cemetery for “hundreds…thousands” of ballots. A Democratic Political Consultant, JoAnn Ramon, runs the cemetery.

Is there more here than meets the eye?

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4 thoughts on “Voter Fraud Investigation: Democrat-Run Cemetery Listed As Return Address

  1. Don DeHoff

    We need to immediately make any direct or indirect vote tampering a felony, with fines, jail time and a complete loss of future voting rights. We also need a standard method of reporting deaths. All deaths, should be reported the same day the death is certified by a coroner or medical doctor as to date, time and cause and such notifictions should be sent to all agencies known to be affected by the death,i.e., providing pension checks, food stamps, welfare, election departments(regardless of age of the decased)and local and state law enforcement agencies. The election departments and agencies providing any benefits, should be required to acknowledge receipt along with a notification that the election rolls have been posted and all checks and benifits stopped (with penalties for none-compliance).

    1. Keith

      Individual voter fraud should result in 5 yrs in fed penitentiary. Mass/coordinated voter fraud should be tried as treason with a mandatory death sentence. This is our nation they are screwing with!

    2. KBB

      We need more than that. Because the Left is adamantly against any form of voter ID, there needs to be a law that says, “Okay. Fine. But, if there’s any evidence of voter fraud in either political party, if that party’s candidate wins, the winner will be invalidated and the runner-up will be installed in the WH.” That would put a stop to voter fraud.

  2. ScarletRose

    I pray the Good Lord will do something dramatic about all this fraud before the end of this year, and cause the American Citizens to rise up and overthrow the evil from the political venues of America.

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