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Dismissing China’s Jin SSBN class is wrong

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  1. It’s not the Navy that forgot the ASW mission, it’s been changed & neutered by Washington

  2. I have a feeling that even if there were mistakes, the amount of Chinese warheads (at least currently) is closer to Hans Kristensen and Jeffrey Lewis estimation rather than Zbigniew Mazurak, the current author.

    To say that the former had a reason to lie due to their anti-war (or whatever stance) can easily be dismissed by the current author seemingly pro-powerful American Military Industry stance.

    • No, Joseph, the amount of the warheads that China has is far more likely to be closer to my (or rather Professor Karber’s and General Yesin’s) estimations rather than those of Hans Kristensen and Jeffrey Lewis.

      I don’t advocate anything but the truth and rational thought. OTOH, Kristensen and Lewis advocate (and have long advocated) the West’s unilateral nuclear disarmament. Kristensen has indeed spent virtually his entire adult lifetime campaigning for that, while Lewis has been propagandizing towards that goal at the Monterey Institute, which claims that nuclear weapons are worthless and completely unneeded and advocates nuclear disarmament. Hence, they have an incentive to lie. I don’t, and neither does Professor Karber or General Yesin.

  3. A great post; a shame that the Navy has forgotten its ASW mission. Defending the SLOCs remains as an important a mission as ever, especially with a ascendent PLAN (Chinese Navy).