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2 thoughts on “The Most Important Election in History

  1. janbrown

    Matt, Your plea is echoed by many. You’ve based it on truth & information. Sadly there are far too many “Ghost Dansing” that stir their kool aide with a crooked swizzle stick & their slice of common sense gets all wet. Frankly, let’s hope that people like this & rely on ‘sound bytes’ for their opinion don’t vote!

  2. Ghost Dansing

    President Obama is better than Mitt Romney who is a simple vulture capitalist aimed to support his Party’s core interest of serving the economic and corporate elite. The Republicans essentially privatize profit and socialize risk. They hook myriad voters on promises of small government embracing gadfly economic theories and amalgamating a collection of fringe single issue voters… however, for a wage earner, voting for the Republicans and their Tea Party astro-turf is economic suicide.

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