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Bombshell: “My Sources Tell Me Obama Was In The Room Watching Benghazi Attack” says Lt. Col Anthony Schaffer

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  1. Mike Travis says:

    Obama must be charged with being an accomplice to murder as he intentionally denied the option for our troops to move in to support our citizens and our military who were on site and who were killed as a direct result of Obama’s orders to stand down.

  2. Rebecca Diserio says:

    I’m not sure what is not believable? That the President would be “in charge” or if he would be watching an attack we know the State Department has testified to watching in real time? Yea it sure seems highly unlikely!! LOL. Clare Lopez, 25 year CIA agent who’s expertise is the Middle East has also gone on record with this report—yep, its so unbelievable!

  3. ChrisJensen says:

    This is total bs…educate yourselves guys! Now come on! It just makes your arguments not believable …It’s better to not perpetuate these falsehoods…

  4. Lt. Col. Anthony, you look like you have been out of the military longer than I have, I retired in 1993, and by the way Col., I know you know, watching an attack thousands of miles away and dispatching an reactionary force hundreds of miles away would have done very little good in such a short attack, so Col. act like you are an expert, our military is fast and high tech. You couldn’t beam me up or down Scottie on that short attack.

  5. Jan Brown says:

    Lt Col Schaffer has 25 years in Military Inteligence & recepient of the Bronze Star.Prior to 9/11 (late in Clinton era & early Bush ) he attempted to influnce & inform the ‘powers’ of this impending danger & was ignored or basically told to shut up. 9/11 proved him right. On retirement he wrote “Able Danger”that was related to this & checked with the ‘power’ to insure no classified info had been breached. Even with this clearance, the government attempted to block publication. He is currently the Director of External Communication Defense Studies. His contacts are extensive to say the least. There is no reason to doubt his correctness on this issue.

  6. Karol says:

    This is (more) treason on the part of this administration. They aided and abetted the enemy, stood by and watched while Americans were attacked on what is generally accepted in diplomatic circles as American soil.

    How much more obvious do they have to be before that whole nest of vipers gets put away for life?