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Review: Atlas Shrugged: Part II

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One comment

  1. I have 2 words that I would like the director and cast to keep in mind while filming Part 3:

    SLOW DOWN!!!

    I felt like Ayn’s ideas were being presented by an auctioneer in mid-bid during Part 1 and the first half of Part 2. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged multiple times and I had trouble keeping up some time. Part 2 finally settled into the groove about 1/2 way through. But as you said, the end was spoiled by the staging and delivery of the iconic line. Too rushed again.

    I thought Jason Beghe/Hank Rearden’s courtroom speech was well done and I also liked Esai Morales’s portrayal of Frisco. I liked Fabian’s Jim Taggart. I agree that Samantha Mathis was a better Dagny, but I was sad to see the character swing from a somewhat ditsy twenty-something to a Dagny who looked and dressed like a 40 year old Hillary Clinton. Both actresses lacked the steel and certainty of Ayn’s Dagny, although Mathis’ portrayal occasionally showed glimmers of it. I thought the Dagny/Hank chemistry was good, too. My wife isn’t available to play the part, so I guess they will always have to go with plan B. 😉

    But in the end, definitely worth the $7. I can’t wait for Part 3!