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Stupid People Should Not Be Allowed To Vote

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Comments (3)

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  1. wow says:

    this is actually the dumbest thing i have ever read in my entire life ever.
    what the hell

  2. Jan Brown says:

    Well, Liz, you certainly hit the “DUH?” factor right on the head. I only wish it was confined to one state!! The only disenfranchised would be those in this administration, most of which should be behind bars. One will never, ever hear this arguement when it comes to photo I.D.’s to obtain food stamps, medical & multi other ‘freebies’. Seems where there is a ‘will, there is, indeed, a way to get these & frequent trips to Wal Mart.. It took Texas (a presumptive conservative state) 4 years to even get Voter ID out of committee to the floor for a vote, when passed & signed, it immediately went to the courts…We need a goverment ‘grant’ for someone to develop a cure for this disease known a “stupid” rather than for solar panels..although I suspect it wouldbe more politically correct to call them the ‘disenfranchised uninformed’
    A recent local & unofficial survey was done that showed that only about 50% of highschool students even know the Pledge of Allegiance !!!
    The faster this becomes a “dumbed down nation’ the sooner we will return to slavery under a dictator. We MUST find a cure for stupid!!! NOW

    • Jay says:

      A cure for stupid is education.

      The 2012 budget spent $683 billion on defense, while education received just over a 1/10th of that amount.

      So it seems that the most important thing to the current administration is not stupidity but starting wars instead.