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Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters

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  1. I repeat you’re a condescending ass.

  2. This isn’t funny….it’s freakin’ ridiculous and insanely scary…too many folks are just voting without understanding what they’re voting for–so many people that I know who are voting Obama are voting for what they believe is the ideal, but they can’t really tell you anythihng that he’s done (other than the Obamatax, and they HATE Romney, but they can’t tell you WHY. When I first started voting I DID the same thing…and oddly, I thought of myself as a democrat (20 yrs ago). When I grew up and started reading past the headlines, my whole belief system about politics changed…oddly, that was also the same time I stopped watching MSNBC! LOL!! Folks need to educate themselves!!!

    • Tami, you so hit the nail on the head. Total ditto.

    • Tami – Oh yes, they certainly do know for whom they are voting !!!
      They are voting for the one that is giving them everything for free…They don’t have to work or do anything to be given a comfortable lifestyle i.e.

      2012 UPDATED VERSION: Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone with free monthly minutes, cash for clunker autos, food stamps, section 8 housing, free contraceptives, Medicaid, a hundred weeks+ of unemployment checks, a forty ounce malt liquor, access to drugs, and designer Air Jordan shoes, and he will vote Democrat for a lifetime.

  3. I’ve just finished watching the movie, Obama’s America 2016 and I can only say that the Media and the Liberals have elected a vicious, mad man on a run away train!! HE MUST BE STOPPED!

    Watch it, share it and email it to all of your friends!!!!

    • Bob, I watched that film too! If you believe that INCREDIBLE Bullshit, then you should hit Restart on your -lack of!-brain!!!!!!!!!!

      • Please present your argument that its ‘INCREDIBLE Bullshit’. I bet you can’t.

      • Obama is the latest IQ quiz for people: whenever I find out someone supports Obama, I instantly know they must have a low IQ or else they wouldn’t believe that he will fulfill any of his promises that he blatantly lies about all the time. Why do people so eagerly blame Bush for his failures in his presidency, but ignore the entire passed 4 years of slow economic recovery, higher taxes/gas/healthcare/food (all of which Obama promised to lower)? I’m telling ya, I don’t know why people believe that conservative values (which have been successful for America and the world ever since the founding of America) are all of a sudden wrong, while the newly implemented liberal/radical theories (which have failed us) are better. Seriously, all you liberals, if you want to have socialism, higher taxes, less freedom, then just move to Canada/Europe, which are the places that have practiced these inane theories for years and have seriously hampered their country.

        • do you realize you gave him credit for an economic recovery?

        • A couple of things:
          1) Taxes are incredibly low.
          2)Prices for gas are set internationally. Comparatively gas is cheap in the United States.
          3) Food is more expensive because of the higher cost of fuel.

          Pretending that Bush didn’t create the mess doesn’t change reality. Republicans love to pretend they are the party of fiscal responsibility, but the track record is spotty at best.

  4. Just one reason why we need Voter ID. There are IDIOTS out there, not just in NY but everywhere!

  5. I know this is ment to be funny and intertaining, But frankly it scare’s the hell outta me.

  6. Are you sure these bananaheads were breathing in and out?

  7. Howard only you Buddy!!! These people don’t have a clue ROTFLMAO!!

  8. How condesending you are you ass. It cracks me up at the top of the page it says “Romney will cut spending,send $5.00”. BTW how much have you spent on this campaign and plan to still spend? Cut spending there.

    You plan to cut spending on what Social Security and Medicare? But you plan to give the conservatives big tax breaks while the elderly starve. The “entitlements” were paid for all our working lives. Oh and BTW how many people did you exclude that knows what’s happening with Obama. Like I said you’re condesending, you pick the people that don’t know what’s going on, there are plenty of us that do know but I guarantee you wouldn’t interview them or if you did you excluded them.

    • If you really knew about Obama, you wouldn’t vote for him either. Perhaps Howard should interview you to prove he’d get the same results?

    • Obama is the one who cut payroll taxes that underfunds SS to it’s early demise. He also took huge monies from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare, which Paul Ryan called him on. And with no jobs being created, those programs will wither very quickly if something isn’t DONE, which Dems refuse to do so they can buy the votes of weak-minded identity politics throngs. Your rhetoric shows that you really ARE a typical ObamaBot- good luck with that.

    • Yea Al Ellis your an idiot..

    • Maybe you should study the tax law. As it stands now, the more you work, the more federal income tax you have to pay. But Clinton signed into tax law, that if you don’t make very much money, you can get a free EIC credit for up to 2 children. Then Bush raised that to 3 children. There are a lot of lazy asses out there who figured it out. “oh gee, I made too much money, I can’t get that free credit.” “I can draw unemployment, qualify for the EIC and make up to $5000 free.” But the other hard workers are the ones paying for it. Do you know you tax codes?

    • This guy is an example of the “Do-you-believe-Obama” IQ quiz: since he believes all this pure junk, he must be lacking in IQ. Really, it only takes a little common sense (which isn’t so common these days) to reason how these statements are lies.

  9. Thanks Howard…you always come through! ROTFLMAO

  10. Un – F_ing incredible! – Holy Cow! @NDAA2012 was here. – You have been Tweeted!