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Bumps in the Road????

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  1. The only ‘bump’ I see is that ugly one between those huge ears !!Kyle had a similar post & I said then, it must be hard to get 40+ czars, Valerie & Michelle to agee on what he’s supposed to say. He couldn’t make a decision if his (or ours)life depended on it. Do believe Clint & his empty chair got it right. If anyone wants to find home grown terror groups we don’t need to look hard to find our “Emeny Within” Howard Stern sent a “man on the street” to ask Obama supporters WHY. One said she thought Paul Ryan was chosen because he is Muslim & afraican american…& Obama will lose to McCain by 20% THESE ARE THE ‘INFORMED’ VOTERS Obama is counting on!! The idea that the events in Lybia were anything less than planned is ludicrous ! Now, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

    • Thanks Jan; I agree with you,Since Clint gave his empty chair speech,I noticed many people are following suit and posting pics of empty chairs associated with Obama. Republicans better show some backbone and stand up to this liar in chief. He doesn’t want a terror attack to be on his watch so that’s why he’s diverting attention to this little known movie nobody saw. Terrorism was supposed to go away when he came in office he said. He’s shirking responsability once again. He likes being president rather than doing the actual job.I sent out the tape of Howard Stern’s Man on the street interviews to everyone on my mailing list. This shows that Obama is going for the moron vote and it also shows people should be required to pass a poolitical literacy test before voting. Thanks for your well said comment. 😉