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Beware the Perils of Obamacare

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  1. Obamacare is bad enough without embellishing it with things that are circulated in emails. The information in the box, citing page numbers is not completely accurate.

    The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is the 15 appointed bureaucrats who will “recommend efficiencies”, i.e. cuts to Medicare, and in the process, further make Congress irrelevant. They will not be making day-to-day decisions as some envision. Their recommendations will go to Congress, and if rejected, Congress is tasked with coming up with “efficiencies” in the same amount as the IPAB. If Congress fails to do so within a set time frame, the IPAB recommendations become law.

    I believe the Comparative Effectiveness Research Board (CERB), is more insidiously dangerous. This is another appointed board which reviews/causes research to be performed, then publishes protocols/standards to be followed. The influence of the US Preventive Care Task Force, a contributor to this Board, is already putting out these protocols, e.g. no PSA for men, no teaching of breast exams or exams for women. (BTW, my primary doc told me these guidelines are based on research done in Russia and China) Eventually, these tests and exams which are recommended by the professional associations, will not be covered. Physicians performing these will be penalized. There is a provision in the law where it speaks to the CERB and the use of all resources, including Electronic Medical Records. This is proof that the Department of Health and Human Services will have access, and cites the intention to “mine” these records for information. “They” will say that this would be aggregate data, without names, but the section mentions the feasibility of creating Patient registries”, which, by definition is patient-specific.

    “Taxes” for those not buying insurance are based on income. The $2,000.00 per person is the “tax” levied against employers for each employee they don’t provide for.

    There are other ways that they will centralize power and control care and reimbursements. One is through pushing physicians to band together in Accountable Care Organizations. This will eventually lead to the disappearance of the family doctor.

    Regarding, “The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations…” This may refer to the provision titled “Reinsurance” where we the taxpayer take over paying insurance premiums for early retirees, aged 55 to 65 (Medicare eligible). Yes, businesses, unions, states and municipalities apply for the DHHS to pick up the insurance costs for these folks. This is already in place. I think about 2,000 entities have been approved for this.