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Are Muslims Unhappy Or Just Crazy

We are all aware of the recent turmoil in the Mid East, day after day, we see pictures of Muslims rioting, burning American flags, burning cars and buildings and killing one another. Why we have to ask ourselves? We have Muslims in this country, why do they not do all those crazy things here? Is there something in the water over there that makes them act that way?



They’re not happy in Gaza ..

They’re not happy in Egypt ..

They’re not happy in Libya ..

They’re not happy in Morocco ..

They’re not happy in Iran ..

They’re not happy in Iraq ..

They’re not happy in Yemen ..

They’re not happy in Afghanistan ..

They’re not happy in Pakistan ..

They’re not happy in Syria ..

They’re not happy in Lebanon ..




They’re happy in Australia .

They’re happy in Canada .

They’re happy in England ..

They’re happy in France ..

They’re happy in Italy ..

They’re happy in Germany ..

They’re happy in Sweden ..

They’re happy in the USA ..

They’re happy in Norway ..

They’re happy in Holland .

They’re happy in Denmark .

They’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!


Not Islam.

Not their leadership.

Not themselves.


AND THEN; They want to change those countries to be like….


Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering…

How damn crazy can you get?

I have come to the conclusion, that Muslims go crazy because they are unhappy, I mean who wouldn’t be living like they have to live. They have no free speech, they are thrown in jail if they want to practice a different religion, women are covered from head to toe with just their eyes showing and are stoned to death just for talking to a man if they are not related to them and they are forced to kill people who do not believe in Mohammad. Who wouldn’t go crazy in a country like that?  To make matters worse, I bet that I will be put on a death list for printing a story like this, crazy Muslims.


This is one man’s opinion.



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  1. Greg says:

    Ignorant people comment on what you see via the media. If you actually stepped outside of your sheltered life and made the effort to meet some muslim people and get to know them and their families the world would be a whole lot better place. The majority are normal. Look at the small extremist groups in America or anywhere for that matter who carry on with their beliefs. If they had the exposure the muslims get we would think they were crazy too.

  2. Jan Brown says:

    Maybe there’s no arabic translation for the happy emotion…..or all those poppies they grow

  3. Jerry Peters says:

    They truly are a wacky bunch.