Why Do Weather Forecasters Need Hollow Points?

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  • Q: Why Do Weather Forecasters Need Hollow Points?
    A: To eliminate the non-believers in the GloBULL Warming Hoax.

    • Q: Why Did the Social Security Administration Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets?
      A: To eliminate seniors wanting their SS checks after OBOZO drives the US into total bankruptcy.

      Q: Why did Homeland Security purchased 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow point bullets that are designed to expand upon entry and cause maximum organ damage and then issue another DHS solicitation asking for a further 750 million rounds of assorted bullets, including 357 mag rounds that are able to penetrate walls?
      A: There will be a lot of Americans upset if OBOZO steals the election in November and assumes full dictatorial power.