Twins Born at 23 Weeks Home as AZ Defends Prohibiting 20 Week Abortion

By | August 3, 2012

After an unexpected critical health issue Arizona twins were born by cesarean section at only 23 weeks. The twin boys, called miracle babies, by staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center survived difficult challenges, including surgeries, blood transfusions and months in the Nursery Intensive Care Unit.

The boys, now three months old, are home with their parents, and weigh about seven pounds each.


A heartwarming story right? Unusual, no doubt. But it’s even more. These tiny babies, while surviving due to improved technology, are a statement of fetus viability. It wasn’t that long ago when infants born at two pounds were considered miracles. Medical advances are daily improving the chances of a pre-term fetus to not only survive, but live and grow a healthy life.

Arizona recently passed a law prohibiting abortions at a point of fetal viability. By the standards set in the law this would be at 20 weeks gestation. Remember these tiny twins were born just three weeks beyond that point.

Abortion rights groups have challenged this new law saying the 20 week period does not give women enough time to decide whether to abort a problem pregnancy.

The 9th Circuit Court put a stay on Arizona’s new law until a hearing can take place. Nine other states have enacted similar bans after 20 weeks pregnancy.

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