President Obama in 2011: Can’t Stop Deportation of Illegal Immigrants by Executive Order

By | June 15, 2012

President Obama’s executive order to halt the deportation of certain illegal immigrants, essentially ignoring separation of powers and legislating from the executive, is sure to be called a cynical act of “pandering” in an election year. But it is far, far worse than that.

Compelling and conclusive video shows that the president is knowingly and willfully violating The Constitution of the United States and his Oath of Office.

President Obama at a Univision town hall in March 2011 literally says he cannot suspend deportations by executive order. He even gives an explanation about how laws are made in the United States before stating that ignoring the laws would not be an appropriate thing for him to do as president.

Below is the footage:

This shows without a shadow of a doubt to all citizens of the United States that a vote for Obama is a vote for an aspiring dictator. The man is willing to violate national sovereignty and disobey the laws of the United States in order to get a marginal electoral boost in a voting demographic. One wonders what laws Obama will wake up tomorrow and decide to ignore.

Hispanic voters better think long and hard before installing a dictator intent on bringing the same kind of corrupt, dysfunctional economics and backwards, banana republic politics to America as runs rampant throughout Latin America, South America, and former Third World nations.

If you want America to continue being America, vote this Hugo Chavez-type despot out of office and help this nation remain a beacon of liberty and prosperity, and a safe haven for people fleeing from tinpot dictators like Barack Obama.

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One thought on “President Obama in 2011: Can’t Stop Deportation of Illegal Immigrants by Executive Order

  1. Grumpy

    All that is true but the Speaker of the House is spineless and Harry Reid controls the Senate..

    Boehner could get a simple majority in the House if he tried, that’s all that’s required. But it would be impossible to get 2/3 of the Senate..

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