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Pelosi Says Health Care a Right

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  1. Nancy Pelosi’s governing document is the UN Declaration of Human Rights and not the US Constitution. Democrats loyalty lies with another governing document.


  2. Nancy Pelosi said around the time that she made the statement about passing the bill to find out what’s in it, said that “America is a Democracy”. No Nancy, America is not a Democracy. It is a Constitutional Representative Republic. She has been in office for so long that she assumes that she knows it all. She doesn’t. As a matter of fact there is very little that she knows that would do this nation any good at all. She has been part of the Socialist/Communist effort to take this nation down. When the Healthcare bill was passed she said to reporters, “There have been alot of people who have been working very hard for a HUNDRED YEARS to get this done.” Do you know why she said that? It’s proof that she is not a loyal citizen. It’s proof that she is a traitor. And the proof is what she said about there being people who’ve worked hard for a “hundred years”. That period of time is the amount of time that Communism has been attacking this nation in order to bring it down. This is a actual fact proven by the very statements of Communist Russians in Pravda some years ago when the American people defeated the Bush Amnesty bill. They said that Communist have been at bringing this country down for a “hundred years”. That hundred years is when Lennin began his Bolshevic Revolution that was picked up on here in America by liberals who believed that Communism was a good idea. Liberals here, like Pelosi, back in the ’20’s were intellectuals from Europe who came here to take advantage of the freedom that was not found in their home countries, like Russia. But when they came here, they brought their ideology with them and started spreading it around to all the liberals. And look at their progress now. Communist just about run this nation. They put one of their own in the White House didn’t they, and they some how gave us the impression there was nothing we could do to put a stop to it. Some of our representatives tried and were forced to stop their opposition to Obama being made a candidate. And the Socialists got away with their crime. And what they did IS a crime and we act like there is nothing we can do about it even at this late date, and they have some how convinced us that it would be to hard to take this issue to court? Really? Why? Obama is a Communist and we can’t get him arrested? We are falling for a Communist lie, and they are laughing their butts off because we are falling for it.

  3. 60% of the country thinks Obamacare violates individual rights. The rest have an IQ around room temperature. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/06/08/fox-news-poll-60-think-health-care-mandate-violates-individual-rights/