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Obama: Soldiers NEED TO PAY MORE

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  1. Really. Do you not understand everyone that is in our military joined on there own. Not everyone does. Most people just want to live the way they do with no consideration of what people in our military have given up at some point in there life’s friends, family, everyday freedoms ect. You people make me sick. I do this job becaus I feel every American should fight or defend there country in some way. Not just skate by off of others.
    Sgt Fox, Michael

    • Sgt Fox,
      Thank you for your service. I am old enough to remember when many men were drafted into the service. The willingness to battle of today’s all volunteer military always impresses me.
      I do hope you did not misunderstand my article. We are on the side of the military. We appreciate the trials and stresses you are under and believe that you, first, should receive quality benefits. In my opinion, your cuts should be last, not first.

  2. this is just another method for this President to gut the already short handed and over burdened military. I am a disabled veteran who was injured in the line of duty. One of the biggest influences upon me to join the military back in 1981 was the health care and the retirement. Men and women who serve this country and retire from the military deserve better than this. The average military member gets no kick backs…has no structured retirement/investment program except that which they do themselves, however, for the first several years, the pay is at such a level, that it is almost impossible for a service member to put aside money for retirement. And the list goes on and on. The service members that I have known for over 30+ years, volunteered, and they did so gladly. They endured the hardships. They carried the separations from their families with strength and courage. And many gave their lives.

    Is it too much to ask that this country and this government, simply honor the promises that it made to their service men and women? If we are not careful, we won’t have the military we have now in ten years.

    • Thank you for speaking out and thank you for your service. I so agree with you. Our servicemen and women undergo tremendous hardships that most of us can’t even imagine. They should be first in line for good benefits, not first to be cut.

  3. Kathleen Daugherty

    Help us all. American middle class laymen are so politically illiterate that they are lost. They do not know what to do that will make a difference. What can they do that matters. What steps can they take to relieve the United States of the most anti-American that has ever held the office of the presidency. Voting does not seem to matter. The man that holds the highest office in our land does not honor our flag, bad-mouths our national anthem, and clearly disrespects our military. How did he get into office? Why is he still there?

    • Thank you for the response. You are right, there are many who don’t have or take the time to stay engaged in government issues. And as a result many were swayed by false hopes of a smooth talker.
      What we need to do now is talk to our family and friends who don’t watch the news, or think Jon Stewart Daily Show is really a news program. Every day I hear from friends who have never registered or voted. They need to be encouraged, even if we have to drive them to the polls. (Be assured, the Democrats will be doing this.)
      We saw a change in 2010 with the power of the Tea Party friends. We just need to work the next 130 days for more change.