Even after favorable Supreme Court ruling family still fighting EPA over property

By | June 12, 2012

From Fox Business

Mike and Chantall Sackett and Pacific Legal Foundation’s Damien Schiff on the couple’s battle with the EPA over the agency’s claim their property was a protected wetland.

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5 thoughts on “Even after favorable Supreme Court ruling family still fighting EPA over property

  1. Fred

    Seems the solution for going outside the law should be the burrocrat individuals responsible for breaking the law should individually be held totally liable for the cost of their abuse, plus penalties for pain and suffering, without support from the bureaucracy that harbors such lawless behavior.

  2. dcnj

    This story is THE most disturbing. If things do not change there will be blood. The EPA is out of control and heads have to roll for this.

  3. dba...vagabond trader

    This is tyranny and the next potus had better address it once and for all. Our liberty is at stake.

  4. Debraraes

    This is completely wrong. The EPA ‘loses’ in the Supreme Court, and continue to harass this couple and keep THEIR PROPERTY? Time for this couple to say NO MORE, and SUE THEM for Libel … Slander, defamation of character, wrongful prosecution, harassment, stalking, theft, violation of their civil rights ………ETC!

  5. Sarah Lee

    Time for this COUPLE to SUE the EPA, and BANKRUPT THEM NOW! Totally #WRONG! FU EPA!

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