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Bypassing Parents: School Strip Searches 3rd Grader

Yet another inappropriate action by a school official.

A third grader in North Carolina was accused of stealing a $20 bill lost by another student. Several other students pointed to the third grader as the one who had picked up the bill. Following this information the assistant principal strip searched the child to his underwear. The parents were not contacted prior to the search and were not informed until the child told his mother after school. For what it’s worth, there was no money found on the child.

This story follows news last week of a Texas child who was forcibly stripped and made to shower while school staff scrubbed him.

Both incidents happened without parental consent. The balance of power in schools seems to have swung very far to the left when school officials deem it appropriate to circumvent parents in such critical issues.

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  1. Had that been my child the teachers involved would have become organ donors.