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2 thoughts on “Obama Distraction Appears on National Gaydar

  1. shimauma

    “It’s only May and the campaign season has already turned gay”

    …since *gay* is now synonymous with STUPID, I completely agree!

  2. Sue

    Good catch on the timing…I think the uni-party is using Obama to reinforce Romney as the Republican nominee – the more evil Obama can look *right now*, the more scared conservatives will get about putting anybody but Romney in the repub seat.

    You are mistaken about the importance of the gay issue. It’s all about who gets to raise the children and the breakup of the family unit. Read Brave New World. Once we become comfortable allowing children to be conceived outside of the marital embrace, (which gay marriage assumes), then that power can be wrenched up by the State – and goodbye family. And thereby goodbye the last unit of resistance to the State.

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