By | April 24, 2012


Trayvon Martin died by a single gun-shot

The Reverend said  his race mattered a lot

Though before the story could unfold

The Reverend couldn’t place his judgment on hold


The Reverend publicly condemned a man

While the Black Panthers flamed the fan

President Obama also could not resist

Placing the Reverend on the White House Guest List


The Reverend always bets on black

As his chips continue to stack

The Reverend arrived at the White House in style

Chatting with Attorney General, Eric Holder, all the while


Event of chaos and anger planned from afar

As the Reverend arrives in Sanford as the media star

Racism as Original Sin

Where today’s accusation alone is a win


“Innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t exist

In the new land of entitlements and raised fists

Another Reverend arrived late the other day

Competing to stir the crowd without further delay


Yet the Prosecutor says she’s not swayed

While allowing the rule of evidence and objectivity to fade

Stoically she announced: “Murder in the Second Degree”

As the street Reverend returned to MSNBC












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