Obama 2012: We have to save Buffet’s Secretary

By | April 10, 2012

Already owning the honor of having passed Jimmy Carter as the president overseeing the fastest increase in gas prices in history and quickly approaching the legendary inflationist on food prices, Obama is going for the trifecta during his failing recovery: raise taxes during an economic downturn.

Giving it the false populist nom-de-guerre of “The Buffet Rule”, President Obama has no other major tactic on display for his 2012 re-election campaign. The rule got its name after Mr. Buffet said that he felt that taxation should be more fair between himself and his secretary. Of course, his secretary earns over $200,000 a year – not exactly an every person comparison. So exactly who is the rule intended to benefit?

Barack Obama of course – he has to deflect attention away from his complete failure of a presidency and his inability to deliver on any of his campaign promises.

President Obama promised that if the economy had not turned around by the end of his current term, it would be his responsibility. Mr. Obama also said the he would slash the deficit in half by the end of his first term, keep unemployment under 8% and lead the most transparent administration in history. He obviously can’t run a re-election campaign on any of that.

His campaign staff is surely struggling with a new message since hope and change has turned into tens of millions of Americans so frustrated with the job market that they just gave up. Despite severe mis-characterizations from the Obama 2012 effort, fewer people have jobs now than when Obama took office. That math undeniably refutes he and Joe Biden’s assertions that they have created millions of jobs.

His green jobs effort has been one failed investment after another. Solar, algae, bio-deisel .. all of it – bankruptcies, failures,  boondoggles and cronyism have been the only output of Obama’s energy policy. All while fuel prices for the real 99% of Americans have gone through the roof.

No, he really can’t use any of those things on a bumper sticker. Instead, it’s “Obama/Biden 2012 – we’ll raise taxes on people in a bad economy”. That’s really all that’s coming from the White House. No plan for a brighter future, no job creation initiative, no deficit cutting, no plan to fix social security or medicare ..  nope, just “we have to help Buffet’s secretary” – you know, the one that’s a 1%er.

Where is the outrage from Occupy, the New Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson or the Unions? Obama is pushing a bill designed to make things more fair for a person that makes more than $200,00 a year, isn’t in a union and works for an investment firm.

There won’t be any outrage – “saving Buffet’s secretary” may just become a battle-cry instead.

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  1. Albert Fishman

    BO is nothing like carter.. check the national debt

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