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10 thoughts on “Health Reform after Obamacare: Return of the Single Payer

  1. Robert Leonardo

    I honestly find Health care about as interesting as dirt. But I thought this article brought some light to my dark understanding. Still don’t understand the major problems. I have military health care. I don’t pay anything for anything including pills. I GET PAID to go to my appointment’s–literally.

    But the few times I was rushed to an emergency rooms from my seizures..I had a bill which I had to pay out of pocket, but the hospital based my payment on my income. I don’t see what was so unfair about that, I was very thankful. My bill was close to 20k.

    So why is everyone so upset with America’s health care system…? My only complaint is they need to include more holistic methods, like chiropractic and such, herbal remedies..but other then that…jeeze were great.

    1. S R Larson


      First of all, thank you for your service. The military is a special case, and I am sure they provide good health care within their system, although I have met veterans who have a thing or two to say about VA health care. But when you go single-payer across the board you create enormous problems, one of them being that you kill innovation and quality-enhancing competition. Furthermore, single-payer systems are entirely focused on keeping costs down. I grew up in Sweden so I had first hand experience of what rationed health care can do (or can’t do) for you. If you are interested in this subject, please check out my book Remaking America: Welcome to the Dark Side of the Welfare State. You can get an ebook copy for something like $6 through Amazon. It explains in great detail what a single-payer system means in “real life”.

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