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The Republican Party Must Restore its Legacy of Expanding Freedom

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  1. I’m going to have to disagree with President Lincoln being in the right. He created the chains that now bind us to our current government — and he did so unconstitutionally. I would like to separate and start over myself. It’s infanatly easier than trying to convince irrational people by rational means — it’s at least possible anyway.

  2. The GOP has adopted the bad habit of “cooporating” with leftist Democrats. And the reason why is, they have been convinced by Democrats that that is the only way in order to get what they want,(amendments to bills Democrats write). So Republican’s go along with Democrats, and have the mentality that the way to defeat Democrats is from the inside. They go along with the mentality Democrats have that says in order to make laws that will change the way the country is set up Constitutionally is to first make laws that allow them to do that. Democrats write laws that say they can go on ahead and write the laws that are obviously unConstitutional, but when they have passed a law previously that says they can do that, then the Republican’s stupidly go along with it.

    Now, you would think, “How do the Democrats get those laws that say they can write laws that are unConstitutional past the Supreme Court?” They learned decades ago by Roosevelt how to word a bill with language that indicates that what they plan on doing is to follow the Constitution. But worded in such a way that blocks the Court from going against itself by reversing what permission they gave on the law to make unConstitutional laws. So the Democrats have blocked the Court from declaring a unConstitutional law, unConstitutional. And they get away with it every time.

    Republican’s see this and what is passed as law means alot of money to them as well as the Democrats when those laws are implemented in the states. This guarantees that taxpayer monies will continue to flow no matter who is in the White House. Unless those unConstitutional laws are repealed the money keeps flowing into Republican pockets as well as Democrat pockets.

    So it’s both Parties that are doing these things and we see representatives sitting in front of people like was on the internet yesterday where she tells a person asking “where does the Constitutional authority comes from for you to do what you are doing.” and the representative says, “We aren’t going by the Constitution….” Well, there you go. Democrats use laws that block the Supreme Court from killing off bills that are unConstitutional to pass.

    The way to stop all of this is to point out the fact that the bills that allow Democrats to pass unConstitutional laws are the keys to undoing what has been done to this nation. You know that what has been done to this nation are unConstitutional. But in order to keep anyone from disobeying these laws the Democrats have used the power of the police to back up their unConstitutional law. If you see that what one of the Democrat law is doing to, say, your small business, and you take the stand that you are not going to obey that law, because 1) it’s unConstitutional, and 2) it kills business, and 3) it significantly raises your costs to do business, can’t be Constitutional. So you start doing business like it should be, and the next thing you know the cops show up and tell you to close your doors and you are under arrest. That is the way Democrats protect themselves from lawsuets that would prove their laws are unConstitutional, they use the cops to back them up. If you have broken a “law” then you go to jail. What defence do you have if it it plain you have broken a “law”?

    And that’s how Democrats get away with destroying this nation. We need someone who knows this method the Democrats have used lawmaking processes that undermine the Constitution to make it impossible for America to be America. So what is it turning into if it’s not America?

  3. Put it on their tombstone:

    Here lies the Republican Party
    Born 1854
    Died 2012