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The American Left: Does It Have the Freedom of Sedition and the Right to Tyranny?

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  1. Here’s what I’ve tried to tell people that the left loves to jump on, and they begin the accusations that I’m one of those Christian’s who don’t want anyone to have free speech unless it’s Christian, and I’m one of those conservatives who believes that the left doesn’t have the right to speak to others their ideology.

    I tell them that our founders meant free speech to be protected up to but not including the point where it goes over the line and could influence someone listening to decide that what the left is saying is that, yes, they do have the right to overthrow the country, i.e., the government, and that in the fact the left is saying those seditious things is the lefts way of saying that, yes, they do have the freedom of speech to speak seditiously.

    And that’s just it, they don’t. That is the dividing line between just expressing your opinion, and crossing the line into sedition where you are now preaching against what our country stands for. When a person on the left begins to turn against this nation their speech becomes more seditious and more seditious until they are organizing people into groups of other people who are being seditious. It’s at the point where the left arrives that they believe that in order to promote their beliefs, which are seditious, that they want large groups to say the same thing and affect more and more people. It’s at that point where another line is crossed and that is the line into treason.

    When a person becomes treasonous it is where their belief they are free to speak to the organized groups of people who are seditious and are commiting treason themselves because now they are aiding and abedding those who want to overthrow the government and the country.

    To me it doesn’t matter if they are in the Congress passing little step laws, restrictions, regulations working to the point where they finally overthrow the government, it’s the act of doing what they are doing from sedition that leads them to committ treason, that they thought they were free to do. Once we believe we are free to overthrow the country because we disagree with the way it was put together, that’s when it is time to arrest that person and throw them out of the country and force them to live under the form of government that they believe would work here. And let them see what life would be like living in a Communist country since that’s what they have been preaching. See how they like living….not free.

  2. Kyle, Your father steered me to your article on his Face Book thing…You did a lot of homework to write this piece. (I was in high school when Mario Savio had his fifteen minutes of fame.)…For practice, you might try to imagine you are under the same word restrictions that are imposed on a syndicated columnist. This discipline will also force you to limit the scope of your subjects…Your old man is a character, and he’s very proud of his kids. Victor M

    • “Do not write so that you can be understood, write so that you cannot be misunderstood.”
      — Epictetus

      Most of my articles are 1000-1200 words, as can be found in my author archive. This one approaches a 3000 word essay, due to the serious of the subject matter, the necessity to not be misunderstood, and the intended broader audience. Thanks for reading.