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Minnesota Governor Vetoes Castle Law Reform Bill

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  1. When they strongly oppose a measure, because they believe it will increase the dangers to them in the performance of their duties, I cannot support it.”

    Really? So what about the increased danger to voting Minnesotans? Are their lives not just as important as those of the members of the police unions?

    If you experience a home invasion the police will NOT be there in time to stop the assailants from doing whatever they please to your home, property and family. This Governor cares more for the vote organizing capabilities of the policeman’s unions than he does for the actual voters.

  2. Really!!?? Trayvon Martin

  3. Once again, we see the government believing that it is better to centralize decision-making at the expense of citizens, and even those who might be put in a life-and-death situation. This is stupid. Police officers cannot be everywhere at once, and should have nothing to fear from a homeowner being able to defend himself or herself.

  4. This is another gun rights putting the Criminals rights over the home owner. Helps make it easier for the criminal to defend himself.As for the police they should have to indentify their selves before entering. I was robbed once and called police and they never showed up. Reciently caught a guy in my shop. Called police and they said none available. Told them I shot him and one was here within 3 minutes. Cop said you said you shot him? I told him they said there was no officers available. I live 20 miles from closest town.

    • Good point Tome! Was that in Minnesota? You hear about citizens every day defending themselves with their guns, many times without firing a shot. It’s important that gun advocates keep up the pressure on our legislators and governors to make sure our rights are protected. I’m glad everything worked out in your case. Stay safe.