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Barack Obama: The Charming Destroyer

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  1. I just don’t understand why American’s have become so dimwitted about things that they can no longer see what is happening to them. They have become scared by liberals into thinking that if things aren’t done their way then people will think they are racist, mean, and are trying to force other people to live a certain way. That way used to be the way everyone except the most excentric used to live in America. Everyone knew that about those excentric people were just a bunch of weirdo’s, and long hairs that were out of touch with reality and didn’t really rate listening to.

    But now it’s like American’s can’t help listening to these very same people that used to be considered to not be worth listening to because their opinions were just to far out in left field. That America wasn’t unfair because the Constitution guaranteed it, it wasn’t mean just because the American way of life said you had to make your own way, it wasn’t racist because White people who built the nation wanted the best out of everyone because that’s what it took in order for this nation to continue to be the greatest nation on earth took to remain that way? That’s not being mean, racist, or religiously staunch. That’s being an American. American people have been brain washed into believeing that’s not being an American anymore, that what liberals are saying being an American is, is the right way.

    There’s nothing left inside of American’s anymore that tells them that what the left is saying is wrong?

  2. Look at the video that the Breitbart team released last week on Saun Hannidy’s show. Right on the video Professor Ogletree says “We kept this covered up until he was President, and if they found this and released it, it doesn’t matter now.” What does Ogletree mean that it doesn’t matter now? Sure it matters, it always matters no matter how long it’s been since what Obama was involved in that are direct indications as to what kind of person who has been elected to the Presidency. Obama is a radical White hater from way back and has always associated with people who are also radical White haters from even further back than Obama.

    What can we do with this new information. Probably nothing since all the alarms are coming from the same people the American people hear from about such things like this video. But what would matter, and make Obama’s association with racist radicals would be if the Democrat supporter who saw that video for the first time, and didn’t believe anything they heard from us that the main stream media was making fun of all the time, all of a sudden started calling their Democrat representative and started asking alot of questions about Obama’s past, and his associations from when he was in college. Like,”Are these people still in Obama’s life?” “Does he still have these beliefs, where he hates White people and wants to take everything away from White people?” “Do we have anything to worry about”, “What did the President mean when he said he wasn’t going to go after the White vote?” And such questions as that.

    Then the Democrats would have something to start worrying about that they were going to have their own people looking into Obama’s past, and that would be bad.

  3. “I sat in the pew for twenty years and never hear any of that kind of talk.” Obama is the biggest liar there has ever been for a candidate for President this nation has ever had.

    But, of course most Presidents hide what they are really like, similar to Mitt Romney in hiding that he is NOT a conservative, and is openly hiding that fact by telling people he IS conservative. Does he think that by just telling us he is conservative makes him a conservative? I don’t think so. People like Gingrich and Santorum have a history of being conservatives to prove they are not lieing when they say they are conservatives. They don’t hav to lie or cover up the fact that they aren’t conservative.

    Obama on the other hand has covered up so much, and KNOWS that the media will cover up the rest so that he doesn’t have to remember all that he has said, and all that he has said. Then when someone calls him a Socialist he will use that word in a speech he’s making but saying the word in such a way as to make you think it’s a joke, that he is really not a Socialist and those who said he was were just trying to blow alot of hot air. And then he just drives right over such things that are attempting to expose him for what he really is, and goes on down the road on his way to the White House. He drives on down the road and the American people follow him on down the road with him. They have been disarmed as far as being alerted to something that is really bad about him that we need to know about.

    The Socialist controled main stream media is being told to just read what is on the monitor and forget about what you know to be the truth. “We put the words up there and your job is to read the words not editorialize about them. Just give the American people what we want them to know.” And a Marxist walks right into the White House because he’s Black. And you had better not say anything about that either because if you do we will let our junk yard dogs in the media onto you and they will eat you up! So no one does a thing because they know from bad experience that’s exactly what the media will do. They have seen what the media will do to other people and they don’t want that to be them.

  4. Great article. RIP Andrew. He taught me to stop letting people call me a rascist, which has done wonders for my mental health.