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0 thoughts on “Will Congress See the Greek Writing on the Wall?

  1. DJ Redman

    Excellent piece of informational writing Sven. Greeces problems do as you state stem from irresponsible borrowing” by the government due to super low interest rates. The U.S interest rates have been at a record low for how long now? Since 2008 I believe. Without walking back big government deficits that arise from irresponsible borrowing, we will indeed be subject to the chaos we see in Greece today. Eventually interest rates on borrowed money will have to go up, and when that does? KaBoom! The U.S. will see skyrocketing inflation, government revenues will hit bottom due to high U/E rates and America could see two or three more credit downgrades.

    I did some research on the Greece debt-problem and the history of the parties of government going back to the 70’s and exploring how that related to what American Leftists have been doing for over 2 decades. Check it out: