Moderate Schizophrenia

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  • I’ll tell you what is “extreme.” $16 trillion dollars of national debt with another $1.3 trillion to be borrowed in 2013, according to Obama’s latest farce of a budget.

    Allowing Congress to borrow 41 cents of every dollar it spends instead of limiting them to sepnding only what they take in each year is “extreme.”

    Lunatics going on national television (Like Fl Senator Bill Nelson) and trying to say that requiring Voter ID to prevent vote fraud will somehow “suppress” voters at the polls, while those same voters can produce an ID to drive a car, get free medical care, food stamps, rent sunsidies etc. is extremely “extreme.”

    What next? A housewife demanding her husband be arrested because he is a “right-wing extremist” that asks her to budget the household expenses properly so they don’t end up bankrupt and living under a bridge? ( or worse at her Mother’s house)

  • Makes sense to me. They are schizo. That’s why they’re moderates. They can’t make up their minds.