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3 thoughts on “Why I “support” Mitt Romney unapologetically (and I don’t need to make a case against Newt Gingrich!!!!)


    Romney is also a guy who flip-flops on fundamental — and defining — principles; who disavowed Ronald Reagan; who has NEVER gotten more than 50% of the vote in ANY race (including his MA governor’s race); who ended his term as MA governor with a paltry 35% approval rating and who has ZERO chance of winning “must win” GOP states in Ohio, Indiana and PA. If the objective is to remove Obama from office, which I hope it is, Mitt Romney is most definitely NOT the guy to do it.

    The worst candidate we have ever run, bar none.


      Worst candidate, really? You don’t know much about Newt – but you are undoubtedly going to be educated before this is over. He would virtually guarantee a second term for B.O. The great majority of American voters will never vote for him.

  2. Patrick B

    Love the new look.
    Mitt is good enough for me, what scares me is he has not fired up the base. To be fair he has an excellent field for V.P. to pick from. Anyone one of the people I am thinking about for V.P. could fire up the base.

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