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2 thoughts on “Rick Perry Can't Debate? (VIDEO)

  1. Rhonda Nelson

    He didn’t call for a “re-invasion” of Iraq. Matt Drudge viciously chose that word to smear Perry. Perry understands the conditions in Iraq and talks with Amb. John Bolton, among others. He believes Obama pulled U.S. troops out too soon, relinquishing the gains we’ve made through the sacrifice of Amerian lives, blood and limbs. Too great a cost to waste. He thinks discussing a peaceful return of enough troops to maintain Iraqi control so that Iran cannot infiltrate or invade is prudent as do many in the military. An invasion is not necessary. A simple return is what Perry called for and is all that’s needed. Leave later when Iraq can stand alone.

  2. Mike

    That Saturday debate was the same one where Perry called for a reinvasion of Iraq. Not exactly a high point for him. Not at all.

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