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Jefferson Bethke Versus the Amazing Atheist: A Tale of Two Worldviews

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  1. Since I have my religious tenets & you yours, I try to avoid theology discusions like the plague. Yet here we are a year & 5 days since this post hit & it’s now a language-profanity exchange.

    I’m not Pollyanna & an expletive has come out of my mouth more than once…WHY? Because I didn’t think before I spoke…& for the moment I disregarded how others in earshot might feel…I put ‘Me’ first.

    A deliberate & repeated of words someone KNOWS are profane indicates, #self absorbent-disregard of others # low self esteem or IQ #too lazy to increase vocabulary beyond gutter language.

    If 10 yr olds know & use profanity, one of the above probably describes the parenting (or lack) Need to get someone’s attention? Use a LOUD VOICE (caps can be used or #@&*@# will do. Frankly, tune out any message that is surrounded with this language & I don’t believe I’m alone.

    Of course this is an ‘opinion’ exchange & all prespectives are welcomed. But Jeremy puts alot of thought & time into his posts, as do the others. Can’t we all at least respect that & gear our comments accordingly?

    BTW This site invites new contributor’s to feature & if you have a strong (solid) opinion on issues that’s an idea open for you.

  2. What I get out of all, is that I would rather live my life believing there is a God, die and find out there wasn’t one, and not live a life like there wasn’t one die and then find out there really was one. No offense to anyone.

      • Terrible point.

        What if you worship the wrong god and just make him madder and madder all the time?

        Thats more likely than your specific god being true, thus there were more gods in men’s history that yours.

        • Thanks. Feel free to leave more comments when you can make complete sentences.

          • What exactly about that sentence was incomplete? Also, just telling me, not a native speaker of english btw., that my english is not as perfect as yours (which is, overall, quite bad), is not an argument for anything except for your ignorance.

        • if God is love and merciful, if God really know what’s in my heart, then I know, He will not do what you think He’s gonna do.
          But if He doesnt care about it,then it’s all His fault.

  3. Yep, that’s the way to peaceful coexistence in this world! Things like this: “The Amazing Atheist is a potty- mouthed freak who is easy to disregard.”

    Please note my HEAVILY sarcastic tone. Ugh. Come on. A few curse words upset you? Most 10 year old children have worse conversational language than this guy. Sure, F bomb here, F bomb there, F bomb everywhere. But what do you prefer? Kittens and sunshine?

    People don’t want to see “nice” or “positive” things. They want something convincing. If you could calm your apparently queasy stomach long enough, you might actually listen to his arguments, which are pretty sound and based in reason and logic. I dunno, maybe try some of that for a change… you might find yourself a wee bit less squeamish over time.

  4. You should probably stop being so fucking sensitive. Curse words are nothing more than words. YOU are the one that has the problem, not the words themselves, nor the communicator of those words.

    Whether I say (1): I love this fucking video, or I say (2): I love this freaking video, there is no difference in the intent behind my words. So why would most overly sensitive people get offended by (1) but not by (2)? Because the problem is in their own fucking perception. Get the fuck over yourself.

    • Why do you use that kind of language? Aren’t you intelligent enough to use descriptive language other than trailer talk to make your point. If you are so ‘evolved’ then why sound like an animal?

  5. As someone who is conservative, I find this post really pathetic. You act as if because someone says ” 2 + 2 = fucking 4, that somehow invalidates the math behind the problem. Like so, because TAA uses vulgar profanity, his argument and points crumble?

    And, of course, people watch to watch a positive video where it’s a “nice message”. People always want to hear that. It’s not about how has more views, it’s about critical thinking and learning. Something you need to learn is profanity does not invalidate points someones makes.

    Just my food for though.


    • I’ve read this post several times now, and I am convinced more than ever that Repzion is smoking something good. You should not do drugs and write at the same time. It doesn’t make you smarter.

  6. I liked the Amazing Atheist video because it actually makes more sense than you do on your article. I know people usually attack someone when that person has in some way insulted one’s beliefs. Some truths required strong language to show and express real emotion of what a person is talking about. The use of the F-bomb is often required to put more emphasis on any given phrase.
    That poem kid just sees the world where it can only get better through jesus. It’s time for him to realize that we should lend each other a hand instead of “jesus or god will help you” This article is completely ridiculous.