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What Really Happened In The Ivory Coast? Get Ready, It is Coming Here!!

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  1. You’ve nailed this NWO/EU/Communism link to Cote D’Ivoire, it’s been written about for a while….a good source for this type of info is ‘The Daily Bell’ based in Switzerland. This is the same model Clinton etal used in the Balkans, GWB etal used in the 2nd Iraqi War, BHO etal used in Libya, Afg., Egypt, Tunisa, EU etal used in Italy, Greece and soon in Syria/Iran…..the catalyst for these arranged revolutions is the US State Dept’s National Endowment for Democracy! Ron Paul calls NED “Paying to Make Enemies of America”. October 11, 2003 – http://www.antiwar.com/paul/paul79.html

  2. Dear Mr. Rusell,

    You need to quit!!!
    If you are a Christian, you are not being a good one so the point of your article is obviously political and aimed at one Barack Obama. You need to bring about Conservative values if you know of any.
    I find this article very offensive and irresponsible…It is an insult to the intelligence of the American people who are a lot smarter than you think in domestic as well as international politics.
    I guess that is your purpose for doing this article. But I guess that’s what you are getting paid to do… Have you no shame at all?
    I beg off you to stay out of my country if your “objectivism” boils down to finding ways to discredit President Obama. Cote D’Ivoire is none of your business so that has to be the only motivation you have.

    But I should discuss your comments on face value… I guess you will also call the Carter Foundation who went on the grounds to witness these elections to be Islamist… My country is not an Islamist country, it is a country where a Muslim son of the country who is married to a French-Jewish woman, was duly elected.
    The incumbent president came into power by force 10 years ago and ruined the country’s economic, social and political landscape after exploiting them for is. He committed atrocities that he is now being tried for at The Hague. I guess the whole world is Islamist in that they are supporting this Muslim agenda you are making up.

    It is at all costs that you will try to do anything to discredit Barack Obama, even at the risk of destroying economic, social and political progress in the US.
    That really is a shame; it says you have no love for your own country but yourself.
    What does that say about you and your agenda? I know you get paid handsomely to right fallacies but where does the business part of your job stop and the integrity and civic responsibility start, I ask you?

    This is very disconcerting to me that America is being held hostage by the few who care less about this country in reality than than their own under the pretense of Conservative ideals.

    Reporting fallacies such as this gross representation of facts should be a crime against humanity much as the murders Laurent Gbagbo committed to women and children in my country.
    He looted banks and stole from the government’s coffers. He further orchestrated the fleecing of the country’s cocoa to neighboring Ghana where he could sell them a much higher prices for his own gain.

    The international community has been watching, apparently you have not… I don’t believe anyone leaving in Cote D’Ivoire now would be afraid for their lives for expressing an opinion or descending against the current administration.
    We are fundamentally a peace-loving people and all religions have coexisted for ever without any ethnic or political clashes except under Gbagbo’s forceful take over power and 10 year unimpeded run.. Its a country with 60 different dialects and who is untied behind their very successful soccer team, we are not extremists there despite the recent clashes engineered by Gbagbo to hold on to power IN VAIN.

    PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, STAY OUT OF MY COUNTRY if your purpose is divisive as it clearly is in the US.
    Since when “Compromise” is a 4-letter word? Your so called conservative agenda is everything but… You clearly are not conservatives are you are not preserving any values that were dear to the founding fathers of this great nation of America.

    Its not a perfect world! Why should things be your way or the high way?