On Guns And Capitalism

By | December 1, 2011

“Progressives” are becoming increasingly eager to attack guns.

It’s no secret that they are openly hostile to the Constitutional Right of Americans to keep and bear arms. They are also primed and ready when it comes to attacking Capitalism. ”progressives” persistently promote the notions that guns kill people and that Capitalism is inherently greedy and corrupt.

By applying this illogic to other situations, we would be required to conclude that computers are responsible for misspelled words and silverware causes overeating.

It would be quite interesting listening to a “progressive” try to relay even one single instance where a gun, alone and unattended, jumped up all by itself and shot someone.

It would be equally fascinating to hear a “progressive” convey exactly how an economic system, without the benefit of human involvement, engaged in illicit price gouging or criminal quid quo pro transactions.

The fact of the matter is, the only way a gun shoots anything is for a human being to pick it up, aim it and pull the trigger. The problem isn’t the gun, it’s with the killer behind the gun. In similar fashion, the only way any economic delivery system leads to unlawful behavior is through the involvement of a criminal mind.

The answer isn’t to outlaw guns or end Capiitalism. The answer is to catch the perpetrators and throw them behind bars.


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