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If you don't like my candidate – the movement is DOOOOMED!!

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  1. Well, I look at it this way……Is Obama a Conservative….silly I know, but is he?

    Trumpets roar & the crowd screams a resounding NO!!!

    Are any of the GOP Candidates Conservative?

    Some are a bit, some moreso, & some are way Conservative.

    To me, they are all Light Years more Conservative than B.H.O.

    So, in the end the choice is a slam dunk, no-brainer.

    Who will get your vote in November, 2012?

    Whoever wins the GOP Nomination, that’s who.

    Quit being childish, & look at the big picture.

    We need to rid 1600 Pennsylvania of the vermin that presently infests it.

    PERIOD! End of story!

    And, by all that’s holy please don’t disrespect yourself, your family, your friends, & America so to even contemplate even thinking of not voting!

    Get your tail in gear, & get the juices flowing friends.

    We have loads of work to do!

    Anybody but Obama in 2012!

    God Bless America!

  2. You know, I just don’t understand why we can’t get someone who most of us could agree is the candidate who would, one, know what the problems are, two, know how to fix those problems, three, know who caused the problems(other than Obama, he’s just the community activist whose job it is to inspire those who’ll be doing the work so he can go golfing), like Barney Frank, and, four, would not be afraid to call who these people are and what they are(Socialists and Communists), and take the press to task why they sold out to these rats, and why they thought that it became their job to carry water for the Socialists and Communists, and be the muscle to push this transformation of America into a European Socialist nation that has half it’s people out of work, and has more debt than anyone could ever pay off.

    And I only know one person who is running and it’s Michele Bachmann. And forget about the drug issue she was pegged with as being her only issue, it’s not. It’s that the press has got their panties all in a wad over a woman’s issue when it’s not just that. She knows who the rats are who have caused these problems we’re suffering under. She knows who and what these rats are and she’s not afraid to call them Socialists and Communists.

    And yeah, yeah, I know that there are so many people who call themselves citizens, but are products of the government run, Socialist/Communist controled public education system and aren’t afraid that continue to say that word, ” Socialist” and is not afraid of what others will say about that word not having the same impact it once had on American’s who, like myself, got a real education and know the difference between Socialist and Progressive, and believe me there’s not much difference between the two. And if she can get her message out that she does know how to fix the problems.

    She is a Federal tax attorney who is doing some of that job while being a conservative representative, and is on several committee’s. She may have only one problem as I can see it is she doesn’t have the personality to sound mad, mean, and ready to get down in the mud along with the other’s who the Democrats are wreasling there no holds barred. She’s a mother type, who has raised five kids herself, and took in up to 28 kids who were retarded, handicapped, challenged, or whatever you want to call them. In my book they are either retarded or handicapped. Retarded means there’s something wrong with their brains and never will get better, or only slightly better, and handicapped means they’ve got something wrong with their arms or legs causing them not to be able to move normally. Other people have different definitions for different conditions.

    But, I believe that is part of her problem and that is she’s just a bit to……motherly……, you know? I’d just like to see her get really mad one time and do some yelling so that I know she can do it.