Boehner Buckles On Tax Cut Extension

By | December 22, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Boehner Buckles On Tax Cut Extension

  1. fliteking

    Boehner choked, but then he relaxed and it went a lot smoother for him.

    For us on the otherhand, this clearly demonstrates how we are not represented in Washington.

    When this news went live on CNN they would only show Wolf Blitzer from the shoulders up and the remainder of the MSM spent all night teasing / blaming the Tea Party. Hell even CCTV (Chinese TV) was throttling the Tea Party about this.

    Question: Do you want to explain to your grandchildren why the live in a socialist society? Or will you remain vigilant?

  2. Bruce Feher (@BCFeher)

    Good old John BoneHead, the leader of wimps! HEY JOHN put down the pipe and PAY ATTENTION, the country is tired of your professional politician BULLS*T!