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Another Nail In Perry's Coffin…

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with this ad. It’s time someone stood up for the truth.

  2. I disagree with the author of the opinion piece. He is as open about the truth about Gays serving in the military, as Gays want to be about their homosexuality. I mean whats the problem?

  3. It is a great ad as these things go. The contrast as brmaria clearly explains above is sharp. Beyond that plain example of Obama’s tolerance for sexual preferances over religions tolerance is that those of us who have served in the military can attest, homosexuals can be, and have been, a problem in morale, security and discipline. There hasn’t been a problem with the religious in the services, except of course for Islam which is well beyond the definition of a religion.

  4. I also disagree with your comments.
    First, we need a true conservative who is not afraid to say what he means and mean what he says–consistently, without changing with a whim.
    Second, what he says is the truth…you need to watch the ad again. He is simply saying how can it be that a government will first protect the rights of someone for their sexual choices before protecting the right and freedom of religious observance in the classroom or publically, as with Christmas. I was very suprised to read your comments on this website.
    Governor Perry is easily the most consistent, experienced, and electable person we have to choose from. If we settle for someone who moves “center”, which seems to be your suggestion, we will lose again (see McCain, Dole, etc.).

  5. workingclass artist

    I disagree. I think Perry is saying that Obama tolerates Gays serving openly in the military but kids can’t openly celebrate christmas in school.

    In short the culture of tolerance is intolerant of traditional religions to the point of declaring war on those religions.

    This will resonate with catholics and other denominations.

    People are fed up with the secular wars on expressions of faith.

    Carollers in RI mob caroled at the Governors “Holiday” tree lighting singing “Oh Christmas Tree.”

    How upset would Jews be if the Menorah was called a “Holiday Candleholder”

    Good for Gov. Perry.