The Herman Cain/ Newt Gingrich Sit-Down

By | November 6, 2011

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0 thoughts on “The Herman Cain/ Newt Gingrich Sit-Down

  1. G Jackson

    I was very pleased with the design of this debate. Newt was the teacher but Herman did not seem to flinch and deliverd thoughtful reasoning to support his own positions. I would be honored to place my vote for either of these Statesmen. This format or the one from South Carolina where only one cadidate at a time was on-stage and all were asked the same questions should become the standard for political debate.

    As an aside, it was painfully obvious what gorernment funded Television looks like compared to Commercial Broadcasting. Very poor Caera work and crossfading. The Sound was abysmal. Newt had to hold a mic the entire time due to a bad lapel mic. Lots of echo and feedback. The Powerpoit visual aides were hard to read and the colors were way off. Obama care would be handled in much the same way as this broadcast. Remember CSPAN is funded by those who use cable television.

  2. TinaF

    I am very disappointed w/ Fox not showing this debate – clearly they are owned by the Washington establishment.

    Cain/Newt 2012!!!!

    I would love them on a ticket!