SCOTUS Declines To Hear CCW Case

By | November 28, 2011

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0 thoughts on “SCOTUS Declines To Hear CCW Case

  1. R. Mitchell Post author

    **Comment from the Editor**
    I was surprised that no one found reason to discuss this article as I think there is a small misinterpretation within.

    I don’t see gun ownership as a state’s rights issue – I see it as an individual right as protected by the Constitution. That is different than Obamacare, which is not provided for in our founding document.

    The constitution (specifically the second amendment) says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed – by anyone. That means that neither the states nor the federal government has the right to restrict that right.

    The 10th amendment (commonly quoted for state’s rights) says that any powers not given specifically to the feds shall be given to the states or people. That does NOT allow the states to regulate or otherwise infringe upon a Constitutionally protected right. Ohio cannot restrict the freedom of the press simply because the feds choose not to – no one may infringe upon that right.

    I think this comparison between the CCW case and Obamacare is close, but not right on. If the Federal government were to .. let’s say .. try to force everyone to buy a gun under penalty of a fine – that would be in the same arena – in my honest opinion.

    These are the discussion we should be having to help everyone understand their rights and those trying to take them away.

    We should protect every right which we are endowed, for society will work tirelessly to weaken as many as it can.

    Rich Mitchell, Sr. Managing Editor, CDN