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CNBC Debate: Your Money, Your Vote, Perry's Senior Moment

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  1. Was Ron Paul not at the debate? I don’t see his name anywhere in this post..

  2. I have always thought Newt was electable. Who has been telling us he’s not all these years? Why it’s been our wonderful, objective, pure as the wind-driven snow press of course, with absolutely no ax to grind whatsoever, right?

    If we really want to talk electability here, picture each one of these candidates in a 1 on 1 debate with Obama – Lincoln/Douglas style or otherwise – and which one would absolutely clean his clock? Pretty clear to me.

  3. All in all it was a pretty decent debate. (IMO) Yes, that was despite Jim Cramer giving off the appearance of being a mentally deranged attention seeker whom should not ever have been anywhere near this debate. While Perry did have what only can be described as a huge brain fart, heck, Obama has had them 24/7 for over 3 years now, and nobody in the media brings that up much. Newt was very good, Huntsman surprised me with some solid answers, and Herman Cain did quite well in describing what this country needs to turn it around in 2013.

    I too am starting to really appreciate the experience and straight-forwardness that Newt brings to these debates and which he could bring to the White House in 2013.