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0 thoughts on “Is the United States still a Moral Power?

  1. Max

    Is the U.S. a moral power? Geez… ask Bill Clinton when he was poking cigars into monica and showering her with love juice, of all places… in the White House!

  2. Anonymous; expect us

    Is the United States still a Moral Power? Hardly. Bush spent all we had in that department.

  3. Anonymous; expect us

    “Is the United States still a Moral Power?” No. It completely broke whatever it had for a compass, into pieces, in allowing Bush to invade Iraq. We spent every dime of political capital we had accumulated globally on our “preemptive” invasion that everyone on the planet, excepting the other “oil” interest willing to be involved, (the UK), understood was a ruse. Plain and simple. Bush spent all our moral and political capital. Deal with it.