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Fast and Furious – Eric Holder Caught Lying?

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  1. Documents Congress received this week indicate that contrary to previous denials by the Justice Department, the agency’s Criminal Division has a great deal of culpability in sweeping under the rug a previous gun walking strategy, known as Operation Wide Receiver, and then allowing the subsequent Operation Fast and Furious to continue without asking key questions about similarities between the cases.
    Eric Holder and others and especially at the highest levels of government leaders should be prosecuted and serve prison time. I am tired of all the liars representing the Obama administration.

  2. If you’re going to get Holder to admit to knowing about Fast and Furious then you need to go back to when he and Obama sat on the board of directors of the Woods Fund or Annenburg Fund, whichever that was a anti-gun organization. From there Holder’s reputation as a anti-gunner is clear and that is one primary reason Obama hired him as Attorney General was because Obama knew Holder’s beliefs that citizen’s don’t have the “right” to own a firearm.

    So, neither one of them, Obama or Holder believe in the 2nd Amendment, or our God given right to be able to defend ourselves and family members, or our privately owned property. And it’s not the responsibility of the gun makers to see to it that mentally ill people buy their product, that is the responsibility of the law makers to see to it that someone who may be unstable will not be able to get their hands on a gun and shoot someone. Obama and Holder don’t really care about any of that. All they see is people who could arm themselves against the government when it comes to take them away to the concentration camps, like Bush had built all over the country, that Obama plans on using. And we should be prepared for anything he and Holder can cook up in order to come up with some law that says we are to give up our right to possess a firearm for sport, hunting, and personal protection.

    I’m sure Congressman Issa and Senator Grassley are going to see to it that Holder is confronted with the fact that he lied and has been caught. We will see if Obama will throw Holder under the bus. But I kinda doubt it. That means that either Obama will get Issa to drop the case, or Obama will cook something up to hold up any further investigation from continueing.

  3. Very nice rundown of this scandal/incompetence/cover-up, Warren.
    I don’t believe it is just your “opinion” that Holder is caught lying to Congress and the nation however. The emails and other correspondence show him to be lying pretty conclusively here. Walther’s 3 memos alone have boxed Holder in here, although Holder wants us to believe that he doesn’t read “memos addressed to the Attorney of the United States.” Does Holder expect us to believe that maybe the janitor read them and then threw them away so Holder never saw them? The chain of correspondence in all “official memos” as per the rules of most government agencies is designed to prevent using the “I didn’t read them” or the “someone else must have taken them” pathetic excuses that Holder is trying to use here.

    Thanks for outlining the facts so concisely, Warren, so our readers can look at the facts and see that YES, Eric Holder is lying to Congress and the nation, and needs therefore to be terminated immediately.
    When ‘we the people’ can’t even trust our U.S. Attorney General, the highest law enforcement official in the land, it also tells us just how dishonest the Obama administration is that appointed him, while still refusing to replace him.

    Simply stating the he (Holder) did not read his memos and daily security briefings does not excuse the injustice that has occurred under his watch in the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal. It also points to the fact that he either didn’t do his job properly, is totally incompetent, or was just too lazy to read the memos.Take your pick, while lying to Congress is the main reason to terminate him, along with being incompetent, lazy, and/or his obvious moves to try to cover it all up by “transferring” ATF officials to DC.

    Chicago-style politics infiltrated our White House, who then proceeded to infected our Justice department with Eric Holder and company. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough.