Twas the Night of Jay Carney

By | September 19, 2011

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One thought on “Twas the Night of Jay Carney

  1. WillofLa

    That poem is hilarious! I don’t know how people write poetry, let alone poems like this one. And to make it about this spokesman for the President who people don’t usually think about being the point man for the President. He’s that first person who puts out the lies, deception, misinformation, falsehoods, cover ups, gloss over’s, and ignoring the truth about the man he represents. Organized crime would call him Obama’s “mouth piece”. Of course I know that means a lawyer, but when Jay is standing before the court of the people of America, what else is he when he stands up there and lies his butt off about something Obama has said or done, or didn’t do. I just don’t understand how somekind of person like Jay can stand there and twist the truth like he does. But you know what? There are those in the media who are beginning to ask some of the right question. And for a man who everyone knows is going to lie to you, is beginning to stumble and stammer on his answers to questions put to him now.

    I want to see him asked questions about Obama’s Social Security number kicked out by SS computers as not existing. What about that Jay?

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