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Palin to announce today? – Update

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  1. Anonymous; expect us

    Well, at least she only strung her supporters along for an extra 5 or 6 months since the hard deadline is October 28, she could’ve drug it out another 3 weeks. (?) The end of the quarterly reporting period was on September 30th for SarahPAC, and she managed to have them send two last-minute fundraising letters during the final two weeks. (You might recall that it was months ago Bristol said Sarah had already made her decision.)

    SarahPAC, reported $1.402 million cash on hand in July, per latest records available. The report showed that while she spent a considerable sum — $673,000 — raising money, she did little to bolster a staff, instead paying her parents for jobs listed as, for example, “correspondence and card mailing.”

    Her tease theater kept her in the limelight and allowed her attract her PAC gobs of cash, sell books, a documentary all about her and earn her six figures for saying nothing extraordinary in front of a crowd. Her announcement, which surely could have come months ago (family concerns existed at the time she accepted governorship of Alaska, the VP nomination, let alone at the beginning of this year), is complicated by the fact that it comes so soon after a money grab by her PAC. The grifter label will be harder to shake than ever, well excepting for her loyal fans. She’s probably holding out for 2016 after Obama’s second term.