Hurricane Herman Rocks Florida in GOP Straw Poll [Analysis]

By | September 25, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Hurricane Herman Rocks Florida in GOP Straw Poll [Analysis]

  1. DJ

    Hey Max,

    I was wondering if anyone would say we are all racists now down here in Florida supporting Mr. Cain.
    Actually. I pondered adding in the fact that Mr. Cain has no past political record to be attacked on, unlike Romney and Perry and the rest. Considering the amount of attacks on the other’s lately, this could have given Mr. Cain an edge in the straw poll. Add that to the anti-establishment movement of the Tea Party that is tired of the same old progressive Republicans voting like Liberal [fake Democrats] in their big government expansion of the past 20 years, and it was the perfect storm for Mr. Cain.
    I liked seeing The Hurri-Cain rewarded for his apparent serious preparation in trying to convey his problem-solver message to the people. Herman also did a lot of legwork talking to people down here . I,d like to see the candidates take up Erik Erickson’s offer to interview each one live and put it on cspan, with some detailed questions in order to really let us see what kind of a president they would be. I really do not see these debates as being a viable format as to actually sorting out the primary winner. Get the media bull%$^t out of the way and give the candidates ample time to answer real questions, along with someone being there to stop them when they ramble on while dodging the real question being asked.

  2. DJ Redman Post author

    There is one aspect of Herman Cain’s candidacy, and a possible huge factor in his win here in Florida that I decided to not include in this article. The Hurri-Cain won the straw poll and jumped up in stature here in Florida, and I,m wondering if any of our readers/writers could explain why he pulled it off at this time in the GOP debate cycle?