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End of theTea Party? I Can't Wait

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  1. Reading your blog was a help for me. I just want my life back too. I feel like it’s time for the Tea Party and all other conservative groups unite under a banner demanding a return to normality where the government isn’t in our face all the time. I am glad I am not alone in feeling this way.

  2. “The minute the Tea Party grassroots Americans stop doing due diligence is the day Liberals take back over our government in a heart beat”

    This. The tea party will have to go on another 100 years to roll back this tyrannical government. It’s been about that long since the start of the “new deal” and beginning of large scale government intervention and spending. Since that time, our freedoms have been stripped away, a little at a time, year by year. We will never see freedom of the past in our lifetimes, and I’m mid-twenties.


  3. Liberalism will never die! We must always be vigilant in our fight against it and never fall asleep again. Our children and grandchildren must be raised to keep up the good fight!

    That said, I can relate to your sentiments. We will be able to live in peace and be untroubled only when Christ comes back. Eternity with our heavenly Father will be sweet!

  4. I like your style in expressing your desires to have an America that is one day totally united in restoring America to her rightful place as the beacon of freedom in the world, and therefore the Tea party will no longer be needed. Sadly, the idea of our citizenry ever being informed enough to turn back the tide of creeping Socialism in America is implausible at best, when looking at the indoctrination into the big government nanny state ideology that our children are being force fed 24/7 due to the NEA and their Union’s constant propaganda.

    The minute the Tea Party grassroots Americans stop doing due diligence is the day Liberals take back over our government in a heart beat. History proves this. I do not call myself a teapartier per se, but I am a dedicated Patriotic American who loves his country and wants the same freedoms opportunity for prosperity that we grew up with to be available to future generations. I feel we have to be ever vigilant from here on out no matter what they call us. We have learned a very hard lesson on just how fast this country can slip towards the failed socialistic policies that have ravaged other countries throughout history.

    I view the tea Party as simply a label, no more no less. The real grassroots action takes place at the voting booths and across the land in places like CDN here where citizen journalists share information at the speed of light in order to help the uninformed public understand the dangers of the Liberal Socialist Party running our country right into the ground today.

    • Well put to both of you. The Tea Party grew out of necessity, and will only go away once the necessity has been satisfied.

      I just love hearing the left bemoan the 41 senate filibuster, some calling for it’s removal altogether. They sure won’t be saying that after the 2012 elections, when they find themselves on the corner without a can to crap in.